I Joined the “SHE Redefined Project”

Do you ever see those ads for Christian things on your feed? You like one thing and suddenly floods of other pages are ads on your timeline or suggestions for you to join, follow, etc. Sometimes this works for me, but often it takes a recommendation from a friend for me to consider actually following something. One thing I’ve learned over the years: not all religious experiences are created equal.

I was first introduced to the Soul Scripts when my friend, Jordan recommended that I check them out. They have these t-shirts and sweatshirts that proudly proclaim “your brokenness is welcome here” and “your brokenness is redeemed here.” I love that. We are all broken and Jesus redeems us. How better to invite someone in and know how loved they are? Let them know they are welcome with you and redeemed through Jesus.

Anyway, I jumped online and followed the company and the creator of the company. As I have watched and read and scrolled, I’ve learned that I really love what these women are doing. But I never truly decided to take a full leap until this week. They offer studies and other things, but when a price tag comes attached, I like to know that what I’m paying for is theologically sound. I won’t pay for a faith that I cannot support.

Monday I decided to go for it. My momma and I will participate in their year long “SHE Redefined Project.” At only $11 a month, I feel like I blow that much money regularly, so why not dedicate it to some faith building?

So far, I’ve only started to explore the webpage. But there’s so much there. From reading plans to memory verses, workouts to healthy eating tips, videos to worksheets. And I’m excited. It makes me excited to see others who are passionate about Christ and passionate about building every part of the human body and soul towards godliness. Not that workouts will make you godly, but that you are better used in Christ when you are healthy.

I would love to hear from anyone who has participated before or who has considered doing this program. What did you like? Not like? What made you say yes/no? So far, I’m glad I’ve said yes!


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